As entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, and operators, we are dedicated to serving our companies and the men and women who build them.

We bring operational experience, a renowned strategic partner network, and a proven ability to enhance portfolio company value.

Scientific Advisory Board

Hatteras has an outstanding scientific advisory board chaired by Herb Boyer, the founder of Genentech, and composed of leading scientists in their respective fields:

Herb Boyer, PhD (Chair)

Co-founder of Genentech

Charlie Sanders, MD

Former CEO of Glaxo; Former Head of Massachusetts General Hospital

Joseph DeSimone, PhD

Chancellor’s Eminent Professor of Chemistry, UNC; Professor of Chemical Engineering, NCSU

Arnold Levine, PhD

Co-discoverer of p53; Professor at Institute for Advanced Studies

Marty Murphy, PhD

CEO, Co-founder, CEO Roundtable on Cancer

Joe Cook, Jr.

Principal, Mountain Group Partners; CEO of NuSirt; former CEO of Amylin Pharmaceuticals

Nancy Hutson, PhD

Former Senior VP of Global Research at Development at Pfizer

Nancy Thornberry

Former Senior VP and Head of Merck’s Diabetes/ Endocrinology Division; Co-discovered Januvia, Kallyope

Richard A. Flavell, PhD

Professor, Immunobiology, Yale School of Medicine

John Lepore, MD

SVP, R&D Pipeline, GSK

Fred “Rusty” Gage, PhD

Professor in the Laboratory of Genetics, Salk Institute

Bill Hawkins

Former Chairman and CEO of Medtronic, Senior Advisor EW Healthcare Partners, Duke Board of Trustees