February 18, 2021

SafeRide Health

Across the United States, fast-growing populations increasingly require access to critical healthcare services like dialysis infusions, oncology visits, methadone treatments, or day-to-day wellness visits. Simultaneously, the industry is shifting from fee-for-service reimbursement to value-based care.

SafeRide Health, founded in 2016, keenly understands and operates at the center of these trends. SafeRide’s mission is to reconnect the nation’s poor and sick to care while eliminating barriers plaguing the medical transportation industry today.

SafeRide Health empowers health plans to manage their members with more intelligence and control. SafeRide’s technology provides end-to-end data transparency while improving patient experience, population health, and program efficiency. SafeRide then tailors managed services to each health plan’s unique needs and goals. We are thrilled to partner with the nation’s leading healthcare providers who entrust SafeRide Health with increasing patient access to care.