Hatteras Venture Partners III, IV, V, VI, VII

Since 2000, Hatteras Venture Partners has been in the business of building and investing in transformational health care companies. Through six funds and over $600 million under management, the firm has invested in breakthrough science and entrepreneurial grit in the areas of biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare IT, and related opportunities in human medicine.

Venture Capital Multiplier Fund

The State-funded Venture Capital Multiplier Fund (or “VCMF”) is a pool of capital allocated to co-investments in North Carolina Nexus companies. NC Nexus companies are those that: a) are headquartered in NC, b) have significant operations in NC, c) are commercializing intellectual property developed in NC, or d) as a result of investment, would initiate, expand, or restructure significant operations in NC. These investments are either co-investments in NC Nexus Hatteras portfolio companies, or investments made alongside institutional funds with whom Hatteras has established a co-investing relationship.

Carolina Research Ventures Fund

The goal of CRV is to unlock the potential of UNC-Chapel Hill technologies and advance the commercialization of these technologies by providing early-stage capital and industry expertise. The fund began in 2016 and expects to make three to four investments per year.

Pisgah Fund

The Pisgah Fund is an investment fund that will provide significant economic benefit in Western North Carolina. We will do this through investing capital into new and existing high-growth, healthcare-related businesses in the region. In making these investments, we will be a nexus for connecting entrepreneurs, healthcare innovators, community leaders, educators, and business leaders to catalyze economic growth and development across the region.