February 28, 2017

Hatteras Venture Partners Announces Launch of the Venture Capital Multiplier Fund

Hatteras provides details relating to VCMF initiative | Charles Merritt joins Hatteras as member of VCMF Investment Committee

February 28, 2017 – DURHAM, NC – As announced previously by former Governor McCrory, Hatteras Venture Partners was selected by the State of North Carolina as the manager of the Venture Capital Multiplier Fund, LP (VCMF). The VCMF has $60 million in capital. A portion of the VCMF has been committed to the latest Hatteras venture capital fund, Hatteras Venture Partners V, LP (HVP V). The remainder and significant majority of VCMF capital is allocated to co-investments in North Carolina Nexus companies. For the purposes of the VCMF, NC Nexus companies are those that: a) are headquartered in NC, b) have significant operations in NC, c) are commercializing intellectual property developed in NC, or d) as a result of investment, would initiate, expand, or restructure significant operations in NC.

To assist in managing the co-investment program, Hatteras has retained Charles Merritt as a Special Advisor, member of the VCMF investment committee, and a manager of the VCMF. Merritt, who was previously the co-founder and managing director of Parish Capital Advisors, will oversee the effort to identify and develop co-investment relationships with other venture capital firms and early stage investors.

“We are pleased to expand our existing relationship with the Treasurer of the State of NC with the VCMF mandate,” said John Crumpler, General Partner. “Hatteras has a long and successful track record investing in high quality North Carolina companies like Viamet, Clinipace, G1 Therapeutics, Medfusion, NeuroTronik, GeneCentric, and Spyryx,” added Mr. Crumpler. “We are thrilled to welcome Charles Merritt to our team to help us focus on high quality early stage co-investments in North Carolina.”

Since its inception, Hatteras Venture Partners has invested in 22 private companies either headquartered in or with substantial operations in North Carolina. Total investment by Hatteras in these companies has exceeded $85 million. In turn, this investment has leveraged over $700 million of total investment in these companies by Hatteras and its many co-investors. Through the VCMF, Hatteras will further expand the multiplication of capital for high growth NC companies through co-investments with Hatteras and other venture capital and angel investors in the State.

“The opportunity to partner with early stage funds and expand access to capital for North Carolina Nexus companies is truly exciting,” said Charles Merritt, Special Advisor to Hatteras. “We are already working with a number of managers across the state and beyond to create investment structures that leverage their existing capital and expertise.”

About Hatteras Venture Partners

Hatteras Venture Partners is a venture capital firm based in Research Triangle Park, NC with a focus on seed and early stage opportunities in biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare IT and related opportunities in human medicine. The firm has approximately $450 million under management in five venture capital funds. Hatteras is led by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs and operators and has a long and successful track record of seed and early stage investing and company formation. To learn more about Hatteras Venture Partners, please visit www.hatterasvp.com.

About the Venture Capital Multiplier Fund

The Venture Capital Multiplier Fund seeks to leverage existing early stage investments by making co-investments in North Carolina Nexus companies via relationships with existing institutional private equity managers and professionally managed angel networks. Target companies must be either headquartered in NC, businesses with significant operations in NC, commercializing intellectual property developed in NC, or businesses that, as a result of investment, would initiate, expand, or restructure significant operations in NC. VCMF benefits from the extensive resources and early stage investment expertise of Hatteras Venture Partners. For more information about VCMF, please visit www.vcmfnc.com.