October 8, 2009

Hatteras Announces Significant Realizations in HVP II – Trade Sales of B.R.A.H.M.S. and ESBATech Result in Full Return of Paid-in Capital to Limited Partners

HVP II is the largest limited partner in HBM BioCapital (USD), LP, a significant shareholder in B.R.A.H.M.S. and ESBATech. HVP II invested $34.5M in HBM BioCapital (USD), LP in 2004 as a part of a partnership with HBM Partners of Zug, Switzerland, wherein Hatteras became an investment advisor to HBM BioCapital and a part of the private equity team for HBM BioCapital.

“This is a great outcome for Hatteras and all of the limited partners in Hatteras Venture Partners II,” said John Crumpler, General Partner of Hatteras, “It is clear that our partnership with HBM will be a financial success. The fund is already one of the best performing venture funds of its vintage, and we still have 13 more investments that have not yet been realized.”

About Hatteras Venture Partners

Hatteras Venture Partners is a venture capital firm based in Research Triangle Park, NC, with a focus on biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and related opportunities in human medicine. Founded in 2000, the firm consists of an experienced team with a broad and complementary set of relationships skills in building successful new biomedical companies. In addition to co-founders Clay B. Thorp and John Crumpler, the general partners of Hatteras include Robert A. Ingram, Kenneth B. Lee and Douglas Reed, MD. The Hatteras Venture Partners team brings operational experience, a successful track record, and a proven ability to enhance the value of the companies in which it invests.

With three funds, the firm has more than $120 million under management. HVP I is a $3 million 2000 vintage fund focused on pre-seed and company formation opportunities. HVP II is a $35 million 2004 vintage fund focused on clinical stage opportunities through HBM BioCapital. Both HVP I and HVP II are among the best performing venture funds in their respective vintages. HVP III, an $83 million 2007 vintage fund focused on seed and early-stage opportunities in the southeastern United States, is building a portfolio of companies with breakthrough discoveries that impact human medicine. For more information go to: www.hatterasvp.com