October 1, 2020

BIAL Goes Global with New US Research Center and Acquisition of Promising Parkinson’s Disease Programs

BIAL Biotech to be based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and will be a Research
Center of Excellence dedicated to genetically-defined Parkinson’s disease
• LTI-291 clinical program and other research programs in Parkinson's disease
acquired from Lysosomal Therapeutics, Inc
• R&D team led by Peter Lansbury, professor of neurology at Harvard Medical
• Investment may add up to 130 million dollars depending on the accomplishment
of downstream development, and several regulatory and commercial milestones

Porto / Cambridge, Mass, October 1, 2020 – BIAL, a pharmaceutical company based in
Portugal with locations across Europe and dedicated to R&D in CNS diseases, announced
today that it has established a new affiliate in the United States of America, BIAL Biotech
Investments Inc. (BIAL Biotech). This new research center focused on genetically-defined
Parkinson’s disease is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a prominent biotech hub in the

Simultaneously, BIAL announced that it has acquired worldwide rights of LTI-291 and all the
Parkinson’s disease research programs of Lysosomal Therapeutics Inc. (LTI) and taken on
the entire R&D team.

António Portela, executive president of BIAL, reveals “Our entry into the US with the creation
of BIAL Biotech and the acquisition of the promising programs from LTI, is a decisive step
towards the fulfilment of our mission to contribute to improving the quality of life of people
worldwide. The development of this new research center in the US, is a landmark of enormous
relevance for us. We are investing in science and research, through our direct presence in
one of the most important research hubs in the world and in one of the most promising areas
of medicine”.

This acquisition not only provides the company with a pipeline of new product candidates in
Parkinson’s disease but also an experienced R&D team, led by Peter Lansbury, professor of
neurology at Harvard Medical School and a recognized thought leader in the field of
neurodegenerative diseases.

With this acquisition, BIAL is expanding its pipeline, namely with the integration of new
compounds in neurodegeneration already in clinical development, specifically for Parkinson's
disease, where the pharmaceutical company already has a significant market position.
The executive president of BIAL also points out: “The compounds we’ve acquired are based
on genetics, a new field of research for us. The lead asset, which now has the code name 'BIA
28-6156/LTI-291', has an innovative mechanism of action and presents the potential of being
a first disease-modifying therapy for a genetic subset of Parkinson’s disease. It has
successfully completed a Phase I trial program and should be ready to start Phase II studies
in 2021. We´re progressing from symptomatic treatment to an intervention in the mechanisms of the disease, which is very exciting for BIAL”.

“We are happy to be part of BIAL and take the lead on the growth story in the US” says Kees
Been, former CEO of LTI and now CEO of BIAL Biotech. "With the commitment and resources
of BIAL we will be able to accelerate our novel clinical and research programs as targeted and
personalized treatment approaches for genetically-defined PD patients”.

“On behalf of the LTI shareholders, I want to express our enthusiastic endorsement of BIAL
as a good home for the programs of LTI”, said Clay B. Thorp, General Partner, Hatteras
Venture Partners, “This deal is a perfect fit and we have great confidence that the team, with
the resources and commitment of BIAL, will advance LTI-291 and the other compounds rapidly
to patients to treat this debilitating form of Parkinson’s disease.”

BIA 28-6156 / LTI-291 is a drug compound aimed at treating patients with GBA-Associated
Parkinson’s diseases (GBA-PD) caused by an underlying mutation in the GBA1 gene. This
genetic mutation affects approximately 10% to 15% of Parkinson’s disease patients
(100,000-150,000 patients in the US) and is a validated risk factor that generally leads to
an earlier age of disease onset and more rapid disease progression.

In addition to an upfront payment, the total value of the deal could reach up to 130 million
dollars, based on attainment of a series of milestone payments as the assets progress through
the clinic and into the market. Other financial terms will not be disclosed.

About BIAL Biotech
BIAL Biotech is a Center of Excellence for the development of genetically-defined Parkinson’s
disease therapeutics located in the heart of the Boston biotech cluster. BIAL Biotech is a
wholly owned subsidiary of BIAL, a pharmaceutical company based in Portugal with locations
across Europe.

About BIAL
Founded in 1924, BIAL's mission is to research, develop and provide therapeutic solutions
within the area of health. In the last decades, BIAL has focused strategically on quality,
innovation and internationalisation. BIAL is strongly committed to therapeutic innovation,
investing more than 20% of its annual turnover into research and development within
neurosciences and the cardiovascular system. The company expects to introduce new drugs
on the market in the coming years, strengthening its international presence based on
proprietary drugs and achieving its goal of supplying innovative products to patients worldwide.

For more information on BIAL: www.bial.com

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